Georgia Corporation

Download the free Georgia corporation forms available below. Use the following forms when submitting changes or starting a corporation. There is usually a filing fee that should be included when mailing a form to the Secretary of State’s office. You can also go to the State of Georgia Corporations Division Website at to file and submit most forms.

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Instructions How to Create a Georgia Corporation Form

How to Incorporate in Georgia.pdf This is the official instructional guide on making a corporation in Georgia. The only cost is $100 that must be attached to the articles of incorporation when applyin

Georgia Corporation Transmittal 227 Form

Georgia Corporation Transmittal 227.pdf When filing the Articles of Incorporation this form will need to be attached in order to complete a paper filing. Or, the applicant may file for a corporation a

Georgia Corporation Name Reservation Form

Georgia Corporation Name Reservation.pdf If an applicant would like to request a name from the Secretary of State's office before filing he or she may be able to send this form. Attach a check for $25

Georgia Corporation Articles of Dissolution Form

Georgia Corporation Cancellation.pdf This form terminates a domestic or foreign corporation from existence. File this form with the secretary of state's office with no filing fee at: CORPORATIONS DIVI

Georgia Corporation Amendment Form

Georgia Corporation Amendment.pdf This form allows a corporation to change the details listed at the Secretary of State's office. File this form along with the $20 fee. Send to: CORPORATIONS DIVISION2