Texas Rental Lease Agreement Form

The free forms below allow for a Texas landlord or management company to rent property to a prospective tenant. The tenant should fill out the rental application and his or her credit should be checked before getting to an agreement. If approved, prepare the lease and make sure to have signed by both the owner and tenant. Copies should be given to each party.

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Texas Sublease Agreement Form

Texas Sublease Agreement Form.pdf Texas Sublease Agreement Form.doc This is a sublease agreement form for the State of Texas. Use this form if you are currently in your lease and you want to re-rent t

Texas Residential Lease Agreement Form

Texas Residential Lease Agreement Form.pdf Texas Residential Lease Agreement Form.doc Download the Texas residential lease agreement form in PDF or Microsoft Word. This form is typically used when a l

Texas Rental Application Form

Texas Rental Application.pdf This residential rental application was approved by the State of Texas board of Realtors and allows a landlord to check a potential tenant's credit and backgorund. The lan

Texas Month to Month Rental Agreement

Texas Month to Month Rental Agreement.pdf Texas Month to Month Rental Agreement.doc Use this form for any residential use if a tenant and landlord would like to make an arrangement where either party

Texas Commercial Lease Agreement Form

Texas Commercial Lease Agreement.pdf Texas Commercial Lease Agreement.doc This form allows for an owner of property in Texas to rent to either a retail, office, or industrial tenant on a gross, net, o