Oregon Rental Lease Agreement

The Oregon rental forms and application allow the landlord to handle their own vacancies without the use of an agent or attorney. Simply have all potential tenants fill out the rental application in order to receive their credit and background information. Review all references and prior landlords in order to see if the applicant meets the landlord’s criteria. If approved, prepare a lease and when both parties have signed it becomes legally binding for the term of the agreement. Download all forms in PDF or .doc (Microsoft Word).

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Oregon Residential Lease Agreement Form

Oregon Residential Lease Agreement Form.pdf Oregon Residential Lease Agreement Form.doc Download this lease agreement in PDF or Microsoft Word. This agreement is useful in the State of Oregon only. If

Oregon Rental Application Form

Oregon Rental Application.pdf Oregon Rental Application.doc This application is used to help determine if a potential tenant can or cannot pay the rent for a residence.

Oregon Month to Month Lease Form

Oregon Month to Month Rental Agreement.doc This form allows for a tenant and landlord to have a mutual understanding that either party may change or temrinate this lease with 30 days notice to one ano