Michigan Rental Lease Agreement

The below rental agreements allow for a tenant to apply and complete a lease agreement for a property located in Michigan. Download the free forms in PDF and Word formats and once the legal documents have been signed by both landlord and tenant, both are legally bound to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Listed Alphabetically

Michigan Commercial Lease Agreement Form

Michigan Commercial Lease Agreement.pdf A landlord may use the above form if he or she decides to rent out commercial property that they own to a commercial tenant paying monthly rent. The form is leg

Michigan Monthly Rental Agreement Form

Michigan Month to Month Lease.doc Michigan Month to Month Lease.pdf This type of lease allows for the tenant and landlord to have an arrangement where no one is bound to the other for more than 30 day

Michigan Rental Application Form

Michigan Rental Application .pdf A landlord may want to check the credit report as well as the rental and employment history of a potential tenant. Understanding the tenant's background will give the

Michigan Standard Lease Agreement Form

Michigan Rental Lease Agreement.pdf Michigan Rental Lease Agreement.doc A standard rental lease agreement for the state of Michigan. It is good for any tenant or landlord looking for an agreement to u

Michigan Sublease Agreement Form

Michigan Sublease Agreement.pdf Michigan Sublease Agreement.doc If a person that is currently renting property (tenant) in Michigan decides to rent the same space to someone else he or she will need t