California Rental Lease Agreement

In order for a California landlord to rent property to a tenant, both parties will have to agree to one of the following lease forms that allow for the occupying of property in exchange for rent. In all lease agreements signed the landlord must disclose the following: The name, address, and telephone number of the authorized manager of the rental property and an owner (or an agent of the owner) who is authorized to receive legal notices for the owner. (This information can be posted conspicuously in the building instead of being disclosed in the rental agreement or lease.) The name, address, and telephone number of the person or entity to whom rent payments must be made. If you may make your rent payment in person, the agreement or lease must state the usual days and hours that rent may be paid in person. Or, the document may state the name, street address, and account number of the financial institution where rent payments may be made (if it is within five miles of the unit) or information necessary to establish an electronic funds transfer for paying the rent. The form in which rent payments must be made (for example, by check or money order). As a general rule, the landlord cannot require that you make rent payments in cash. (See Living in the Rental Unit, Check or Cash)

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California Commercial Lease Agreement Form

California Commercial Lease Agreement.doc California Commercial Lease Agreement.pdf A commercial lease allows a landlord to rent property to someone else (tenant) in trade for monthly rent. The use ca

California Month to Month Rental Agreement Form

California Month to Month Rental Agreement Form.doc This form allows an owner of a property to rent it to someone else on a monthly agreement without an ending date. The agreement is valid until one o

California Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement Form

California Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement.pdf This is a form that is sent from the landlord to tenant. The form gives a date the tenant must the premises.

California Rental Application Form

California Rental Application Form.pdf Form is given to potential tenants seeking to rent from a landlord or management company. This form will give an idea of the tenant's credit worthiness.

California Residential Lease Agreement Form

California Residential Lease Agreement Form.doc California Residential Lease Agreement Form.pdf Standard residential lease agreement for the State of California. Typically 12 months, allows a landlord

California Sublease Agreement Form

California Sublease Agreement Form.doc This form allows a tenant that is already renting property to re-rent to someone else (sub-lessee). The tenant must have the rights to sublease in his or her lea