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Iowa Motion for 90 Day Waiting Period Form

Motion of Waiver of 90 Day Waiting Period.doc File this form with the court clerk to waive the 90 day waiting period after the petition is filed in order to speed up the divorce process.

Iowa Acceptance of Service, Waiver, and Answer Form

Acceptance of Service, Waiver, and Answer.pdf This form must be given to the spouse that did not file for divorce to notify and make he or she aware that their spouse has filed for divorce. Form must

Maintenance Work Order Form

Maintenance Work Order.doc Maintenance Work Order.pdf This form allows for any person seeking a repair to be completed to request via fax, email, or by mail. Send this form to the appropriate person t

Iowa Durable Power of Attorney Form

Click Here to Download.pdf The durable form allows for a person in Iowa to handle any and all financial decisions on behalf of another person. The person selected may make any decision as long as it i

UPS Job Application Form

UPS Job Application.pdf This form can be used to apply for a mailng or store position for the mailing company UPS. Be sure to apply by filing this form with the manager on staff at the location desire

New Mexico Financial Power of Attorney Form

Click Here to Download This form can be used to transfer any and all fnancial decision making power over to someone else. This form mst be completed and signed in front of a notary to take affect.

Delaware Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

Delaware Single Member LLC Operating Agreement.doc Delaware Single Member LLC Operating Agreement.pdf If you are a sole proprietor and think that simply registering an LLC will allow you to separate

Utah Residential Lease Agreement Form

Utah Residential Lease Agreement Form.pdf Utah Residential Lease Agreement Form.doc This is a standard 12 month lease for the State of Utah. This is an agreement that can be trusted by landlords and t

New Mexico Marital Settlement Agreement With No Minor Children Form

Marital Settlement Agreement Without Children.doc This form must be completed by both spouses in order to come to terms over the assets, debt, and alimony (if any). Needs to be signed in front of a pu

North Carolina Rental Application Form

North Carolina Rental Application.pdf North Carolina Rental Application.doc The rental application allows for a landlord or management company to evaluate a tenant by combining their credit, employmen

Burger King Job Application Form

Burger King Job Application.pdf Fill in this form by hand and deliver to the Burger King location you desire to work.

Michigan Notice of Hearing Form

Notice of Hearing.doc This form informs both the spouses of the upcoming court hearing.

Rhode Island Marital Settlement Agreement Form

Marital Settlement Agreement.doc The Rhode Island marital settlement agreement allows for the division of assets and debt through the signing of this form by both spouses. The spouses must sign in fro

New York 3 Day Eviction Notice Form

New York 3 Day Notice .pdf Use as a landlord to be given to a non-paying tenant in a property. After the 3 day period the landlord may file with the court an officel eviction.

Connecticut Notice to Quit Form

Connecticut Notice to Quit.pdf Connecticut Notice to Quit.doc This form is used to have a landlord serve on a tenant if he or she has broken a lease agreement. The tenant will have 3 days to typically