North Carolina Divorce

The North Carolina divorce papers allow for a resident to complete the process of filing without the use of an attorney. Receiving legal advice is still highly recommended but if the petitioner decides to represent themselves the only cost (from the court) will be $245.

Listed Alphabetically

North Carolina Acceptance of Service and Waiver of Responsive Pleading Form

Acceptance of Service and Waiver of Responsive Pleading.pdf This form must be completed by the Defendant in order to confirm that he or she has received copies of all the divorce petitions and forms f

North Carolina Affidavit of Status of Minor Child Form

Affidavit as to Status of Minor Child.pdf This form states where the minor children of the marriage have been residing for the previous 5 years.

North Carolina Child Support Guidelines Form

Child Support Guidelines.pdf This form states the guidelines when it comes to the calculation and payment of child support in the State of North Carolina.

North Carolina Civil Action Cover Sheet Form

Civil Action Cover Sheet.pdf This form should be filed with the divorce complaint to let the clerk know what type of case is being filed. There will also be a filing fee.

North Carolina Civil Summons Form

Civil Summons.pdf This form must be completed and filled in by the Defendant to show that they received any and all divorce documents that were previously filed by the Petitioner. This form must be gi

North Carolina Complaint For Divorce Form

Complaint for Divorce.pdf This form must be completed by the Petitioner in order to start the divorce process. After completion, file the form at the clerk'soffice and pay the required filing fee.

North Carolina Divorce by Summary Judgment Form

Divorce by Summary Judgment.pdf In North Carolina, the divorce can be handled by the Judge without having to go to a court hearing date. This form may be authorized by the Judge and the divorce proces

North Carolina Divorce Instructions Form

Divorce Instructions.pdf This is the official guide to filing for divorce without an attorney in North Carolina.

North Carolina Financial Affidavit Form

Financial Affidavit.pdf This form states the financial income and liabilities for each spouse. This form must be traded with one another in order to come to terms for the Marital Settlement Agreement.

North Carolina Joint Child Custody Worksheet Form

Joint Custody Worksheet.pdf This form is only to be used when the marriage that contains minor children has parents that want to share their custody.