Louisiana Divorce

Download and print the Louisiana divorce forms in order to complete the process in your own. There are 2 types of divorces. Article 102 – Both spouses will begin living separately upon divorce filing papers. Article 103 – The spouses have been living separate 6 months prior to filing papers. Follow the instructions below and either route the couple decides the cost will be $138.

Listed Alphabetically

Instructions How to File For Divorce in Louisiana Form

How to File For Divorce in Louisiana.pdf Use this how to guide when following the steps to file for divorce in your own in the State of Louisiana.

Louisiana Acceptance of Service and Waiver of Consent Form

Acceptance of Service, Waiver, and Consent.doc Use this form if you are the defendant to acknowledge that copies of the divorce papers have been given to you.

Louisiana Judgment for Divorce Form

Judgment of Divorce.doc This form after signed by the Judge at the final court hearing will solidify the divorce process completion in the State of Louisiana.

Louisiana Marital Settlement Agreement Form

Separation and Settlement Agreement.doc When negotiating the terms of the divorce be sure to fill in and sign this form when both spouses are in agreement.

Louisiana Petition For Divorce Article 102 Form

Petition for Divorce Article 102.doc Use this form if you wih to petition the court for a divorce in Louisiana under Article 102 of the Louisiana code.

Louisiana Petition for Divorce Article 103 Form

Petitioners Affidavit Article 103.doc Apply for a divorce in the State of Louisiana under article 103 guidelines by filing this form to the county court clerk's office where you reside.

Louisiana Petitioner’s Affidavit Article 102 Form

Petitioners Affidavit Article 102.doc Use this form to file with the clerk's office when applying for the divorce with your divorce petition.

Louisiana Petitioner’s Affidavit Article 103 Form

Petitioner's Affidavit Article 103.doc Use this form to attach to the divorce petition when filing for divorce in Louisiana.

Louisiana Rule to Show Cause Article 102 Form

Rule to Show Cause - Article 102.doc This form contains the divorce order which finalizes your divorce if signed and authorized by the Judge.

Louisiana Rule to Show Cause Article 103 Form

Rule to Show Cause - Article 103.doc When filing for divorce under articles 103 this form contains the order which completes the divorce process after it has been signed by the Judge.